postheadericon Money is a Part of Marriage

You’re sitting there reading this screen.. come close. I know you stopped by because you heard this site talks about money and marriage. You are either engaged, newlywed or have been married for some time and are seeking answers!

Great! Money is a topic people like to dance around, treat it like the elephant in the room or even be in denial about. Yet all the while whatever financial challenge is facing them is not being resolved. I’ve gotten sick and tired of seeing couples marriages ending time and time again because of money which is the surface of it; however at the root it is about value systems not being respected on some level.

Brides, Grooms, Christians marriages that are struggling with finances and faith, and Newlyweds with questions are all welcome here. There are blog posts and you are invited to leave your comments and come back often. If you are not familiar with my style, let me assure you I tell it like it is. I often share from my own experiences and KNOW what is realistic and what works. I didn’t have to read someone else’s book to give you guidance.. I write my own books based on what I’ve LIVED and continue to live when it comes to money and marriage.

Grab your seat, get your favorite beverage and dig in. There’s a lot of information here and valuable resources whether you want books, audios or even individualized counseling you can find it here. You can get the help you need in the privacy and comfort of your own home. No longer do you need to be overwhelmed, losing sleep at night and not talking with your spouse because of money. I am here to help you and remove some of the bumps along the journey of money and marriage being a lifestyle.

Don’t believe the hype! Money no longer has to be one of the top reasons for divorce. Will you be one of the faces of money and marriage success because of what you are reading here? Join me as we impact lives.