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Let’s have some fun this morning and enlightenment at the same time. Remember when you were young and we rode the bus to school. The bus would come to your house and you would get on the bus and talk with your friends all along the ride to school. Some mornings you wanted to talk and some mornings you might have been sleepy. Yet, you rode the bus. Once at school, you attended school and at the end of the day, you got back on the bus to return home.


Later in life as an adult, you might have rode the city’s transportation system which was a bus to the mall, work or if you were visiting another state and that was the best mode of transportation you rode the bus. So a bus has been integral in our lives. Now that you can relate and understand the bus – let’s take it one step further.


Today, I want to talk with you about the “Financial Bus of Life.” Regardless if we are in a recession or the economy is up, there is a financial bus in your life. When you were in elementary school through high school, even as a young adult the bus I talked about represented a mode of transportation that got you from one destination to another. For this post it will be a little different.


When you think of a bus what is the first thing that comes to mind? I know for our twins they would think it is big and yellow. For someone else it could continue being that mode of transportation to work or shopping. When we are talking about the financial bus – I want you to think about two things – the passenger and the driver.


Now when you think about “The Financial Bus of Life” what have you been doing? The role of the passenger is sitting on the seat and watching things happen in the area of finances. Mismanagement of funds happen, overspending happens, maxed out credit cards, financial mistakes happen because of a lack of knowledge. Consequently, the cycle of debt starts and repeats itself. We sit on the seat and watch it happen over and over. We do not want to talk to anyone because we are embarrassed. Also, we lack the will to change our situation.


Another character in The Financial Bus of Life is the role of the driver. The driver is the person that no matter what has happened in their finances, they are taking control. They refuse to sit on the seat and watch things happen to them. They are the ones that have made a CHOICE to CONTROL their finances and make healthy financial decisions regardless of what is happening around them. The driver has and is working his or her plan to pay the bills and alleviate debt. The driver does not get influenced by peer pressure or The Joneses. Let me share a secret, there are drivers that were passengers at one time.


One of the big differences between a driver and a passenger is the passenger usually lacks the will to change their situation. That can be due to their mindset, used to being a complainer without action and also surrounding themselves with people who think just like them. The driver is going to take action to reach the desired financial result.


Are you a driver or a passenger in The Financial Bus of Life?  

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