postheadericon Marriage and Money Movie #5 – The Wedding Singer

This gentleman had been performing at weddings for quite some time. When it is his wedding day, his bride decides that she is not going to show up. He is devastated as he finds out from his sister as he is waiting at the altar. Next day bride shows up and explains she does not want to marry a wedding singer. She was in love with who he was when they were younger. Then the main character is helping another waitress with her wedding plans. Her fiancé has all the money and does not think a lot of her. He is cheating on her while they are engaged. He always wants what he wants and does not like to compromise.

Money Implications: Robbie’s (the Wedding Singer) obviously did not have a conversation with his bride-to-be Linda prior to the wedding day about their finances. That is one of her primary reasons for not wanting to marry him because she believes he is limited in what he can make. Julia – the young waitress that he helps she is not being true to herself at first and settling for her groom. She settles because she believes that Robbie is not available.

Recommendation: Begin the Money Talk during the engagement so no one is left standing at the altar wondering what happened to their respective bride or groom. It’s when money is not discussed on any level that financial situations start to arise as you are preparing to walk down the aisle and right after the honeymoon.

Money Tip #1: Do not continue to focus on the past as you are planning your future especially when it pertains to money. You will not be able to move ahead.

Money Tip #2: Look at the inside person, not just the outside. I’m sure you have heard the saying “All that Glitters is not gold.” Same hold true, if a person is taking you here and there, spending left and right you might want to check the financial foundation or their financial situation. Recommendation: It is better to ask the hard questions instead of marrying into debt.

Warning: Do not be short-sighted as you are preparing to walk down the aisle. Think long term and listen to what is being said and the actions that are being presented to you. DO they line up?

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