postheadericon Saver and Spender Financial Tug of War

He spends, she saves or is it she saves and he spends? Regardless of which way, it is the shopper and saver roles in marriage can and have caused conflict. Conflict because when the husband and wife should be saving, the other person is spending. This sends the wrong message and causes conflict. The saver is hurt because they feel as if the spender is disregarding the overall household finances and doing what they want to do without  focusing on the short and long-term consequences.

The spender knows they want it now and that is all that matters. Question: Did the saver include the spender when establishing the household financial budget and how the bills are to be paid? Does the saver (could also be the money manager) explain how the overall finances work? Do not misunderstand I am not saying it is the saver’s fault. I am saying instead of having the saver and spender financial tug of war, sit down and start talking about money for the benefit of the marriage.

There are savers that are being hurt because they feel they are not being listened to when it comes to paying the bills. They see money continuously being spent when it should be saved or used for bills. Then they come up short for bills. Emotions began to come in and words are said that can hurt, emotional spending can occur and create more bills.

If you are the spender, before you purchase that next item that you HAVE to have (sounds like a want) ask yourself, is it worth it? If you waited until next week, would you still have to HAVE it or would you  have moved on to something else? Take 24 to 48 hours to think about it.

No longer be in a tug of war but rather on the same side.

Tip: The saver does also need to relax sometimes and splurge within bounds. Meaning where it will not affect the overall household finances.

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