postheadericon Couples Saying “I Don’t” To Expensive Weddings

Couples are discovering hidden talent and becoming craftier as they plan for their weddings. Due to the economy, weddings have been turned upside down by the recession. I have read story after story, including this one that says Couples are saying I Don’t to Expensive Weddings

I congratulate every couple that is realizing what is happening with the economy and choosing not to overspend. I encourage these same couples to take it one step further and invest in financial education skills for the lifetime of their marriage. Why you are making compromises for your “Dream Day”, think bigger and think about the day, the months and years after your wedding.

Money is a topic that should be discussed even know in a larger context beyond the wedding day. For example, the bride and groom should be asking each other, what financial obligations are you bringing into the marriage that I am not aware of? Are you a shopper or a saver? Those are only the beginning.

Talking about money in depth while you are preparing to walk down the aisle cannot hurt your relationship. It can actually help your relationship because you are choosing to be transparent and not hide anything from your respective bride or groom.


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