postheadericon A New Level of intimacy discussing Money

This is one of my favorite topics because people limit intimacy based on their own thinking. As I was going through different articles this morning, I discovered one titled Relationship intimacy is enhanced by money talk.

It discusses how you need to treat your marriage like a business. You would not start a business without a business plan, expenditures and etc. Then they provide questions you should ask before you get hitched. I agree that you should be talking about money before you walk down the aisle with this caveat, if you begin the money talk understand it is an ongoing conversation throughout the lifetime of the marriage.

Money has more than one role in a marriage and it is important for couples to recognize they have to set a financial foundation for their marriage. They have to set mutual financial goals and achieve them together. Being able to discuss financial mistakes and financial achievements without stress, frustration will definitely lead to greater intimacy in marriage.

Start talking openly about money today.

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