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This week we have been talking about saving money and it is only the beginning. There are people reading this that will say I want to save money but I have so much debt I don’t think I can. If I wanted to save, where would I start. I am soooo glad you asked that question.

Here are some quick ways that you can save money:

1) Not necessarily a new one but have you done it? Eliminate the latte’s in the morning or soft drinks at work. Put that money in an envelope every time you are about to go and purchase a soft drink or a latte. Make sure that you have either taken some bottled water with you in place of the soft drink, or purchased it at the local grocery store so that you are not spending that money in vending machines. As for the latte’s, make your own at home.

2) At the end of each day, empty out all the loose change in your pocket or purse into a jar and you will be surprised at how fast that money adds up. This is something that we have even done with our twins. They are on their second piggy bank. They are looking forward to the day when they can go and cash it in. No hurry just keep adding to it.

3) Re-evaluate every bill you have. What can you eliminate or reduce. Could you be paying less for a service or do you really need a service or is it more of a want? I have been of the mindset that if it is a service that you can turn back on such as cable, long-distance then you can do without them for a period of time. For example instead of long-distance service – use a calling card for a minute if necessary. 

4) One of my mom’s favorites is BROWN BAG your lunch. Alright that does mean you have to be creative with your lunches so that you do not get bored and fall into the trap of spending anywhere from $6 to $10 for lunch 5 days a week. On the low end if you work 5 or 6 days a week at $6 that is $30 to 36 and over 4 weeks that is $120 to $144.

5) Stick to your grocery list when going to the store. Don’t buy anything extra and do not go to the grocery store hungry! Hmmm, that will definitely get you in a lot of trouble.

Listen, I know to save money takes commitment and STRONG WILLPOWER. What will saving money mean to your life, your marriage and your family? What is the result? If you think about the result, it makes it all worth it.

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