postheadericon Time springs forward but what about your finances?

I tell you what readers, I was not ready for the clock change.  Mind you I had been dealing with the sneezing and coughing like so many others over the past weekend that I was not paying attention to the time. When I realized that the time had changed it was Sunday night at approximately 8pm when our daughter said she and her brother were going to do something in the Spring. I went OOOOH No. She of course said what Mom? I told her that the clocks changed and we were supposed to move them up an hour.

What have you done about your finances as you prepare for spring? Are your finances springing forward and on the path to removing financial obstacles or are staying in those same financial habits that is causing turmoil in your home, affecting your job and your health? The choice is yours. Why do I say that? Well, think about it like this as long as their is income of some sort coming into your hands, you can make better decisions today that affect your future.

You can remove financial mistakes and input sound financial principals that put you on the road to financial independence, becoming a saver and an investor. What are you waiting on? Why wouldn’t you want to be a save and an investor? It is high time to think big picture and for the future, not just short term. Please, please quit looking at your financial mistakes. Looking behind is causing so many to miss financial opportunities that are in front of them or they believe they deserve to be in debt and not out of debt. Either way, its a bleak picture.

Think about how much fun you could have this spring if you got your finances in order. Vacations! Picnics! Trips to the Beach and much more!  I tell you what I’ve already begun thinking about some extended weekend trips for the family. Why not! You can create memories like never before and have a lot of fun in the process.

Spring forward your finances are waiting on you.

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