postheadericon Show us the Money!

How many Brides and Grooms would rather their guest give the money, chip in for the honeymoon and skip the gifts altogether? Hmm, apparently according to an article I read this morning 45%. That is almost half. Money for the Wedding, should the bride and groom ask? Personally, I don’t think they should be asking for money. They should have a registry with various items that are needed to start their life of marital bliss. If a guest chooses to give them money, it should be that guests choice but not a recommendation nor a requirement by the bride and groom.

I’m very familiar with the dancing at the wedding for money which everyone is used to. But in this day and time if a bride and groom said to me we would like cash, it might lead me to wonder what financial issues they are dealing with? Furthermore they are planning on resolving it through wedding cash.

Brides and Grooms do not upset your guest by asking them to give you money. There would be some that could easily get offended by this. When you are planning your wedding, why not think about planning it on your budget and if your parents happen to contribute then consider that gravy.

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