postheadericon Day 5 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

What would you do if you received an envelope in the mail from the IRS? Would you immediately become upset without even opening it just because it says IRS or put it aside for a few days not really wanting to know what it may say inside. There I was about doing my regular routine one day in early April getting the mail and it was a letter from the IRS. Without even driving off and continuing with what I had planned, I sat there in the car and opened the envelope. Mind you there was also an envelope for my husband with I imagined at the same time, the same letter.

There I was reading notification that we were being audited! My first thought was oh yea we are moving on to a higher level in our walk AND that was very true. I was not going to let this letter get me off track. My second step was to call my accountant and make him aware of this notification and that I’d be seeking some guidance from him. Incidentally this was the week prior to April 15th and I knew that he would be slammed yet he would make some time for me on the calendar.

The letter gave me 15 days to call and schedule a meeting. At this very same time, I had just released Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ and was preparing for a trip to Atlanta for’s First Annual Bridal Show. I would be exhibiting and signing my book. So what did I do having just received this notification – kept right on with my plans. I ordered copies of my book, began writing press releases and putting things in order for the “debut” of this book.

Remember on Day 3, I asked the question what would you do if you received a letter from the IRS in the mail? I want to give you some of the background over the next few days to weeks in order to catch you up to the letter on July 2nd.

Being the money manager for our household, there are several things I know when it comes to my husband:

1) Be conscious of his temperament when he walks in the door. We usually talk right before he gets off work so I know whether he is mentally drained from the day, had a good day or having had a frustrating day with jobs.

2) When sharing information, if I present it in a fashion that is negative or doubtful then he will mirror that behavior.

3) When it comes to money provide all the options and as a TEAM we decide what is best.

Our talk today was on reviewing the finances at the beginning of our week and accomplishing what needs to be done prior to that letter we received on July 2nd.

Money and Marriage Encouragement for Today: A threefold cord is not easily broken!

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