postheadericon Day 7 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

OOH what a day. I was running literally from the time I got up and still going strong. Today was one of the goals was to make sure that the bills that had been scheduled to be paid a couple of days ago had cleared the account. Believe me, if you are not hands on when it comes to your money and marriage you wind up in unexpected financial situations that will not make you happy.

My husband and I talked about my checking the account and updating our records. Then we decided we would focus on the IRS. So let’s return to my telling you about the IRS. So on Day 5 I was sharing with you how we had gotten this letter in the early part of April saying that we were being audited. Did you pay attention to who I notified about this? If not, go back and read Day 5. Keep on reading because there are lessons to be learned even in that. Alright so as I continued to get prepared for the First Annual Bridal Show a couple of days had passed and I was gauging my husband’s temperament each day as he came home from work.

I know from past history that April is one of his busiest months for his own business and we work hard getting through it. Now I had a new book that had just been released, he was really busy AND I knew that we had received this letter from the IRS but he didn’t. As the third day approached that I had it, he came home that evening and was relaxed. The day wasn’t stressful and he was on top of his game with his business. There I was no better time like the present, he will receive this information now and we will move forward.

As he was relaxing on our couch and we had talked about our accountant, I said to him look what we got in the mail. I proceeded to give him the letter. He looked at it and said We are being audited? I said yes we are and I have everything under control. Our businesses are being audited and I’ve already talked with our accountant. Once I contact the IRS, I will schedule a meeting with him and we will review everything. Then I proceeded to say to him we don’t need to share this information with anyone UNTIL it is over. Once it is over, we can share the testimony. He agreed and that conversation was done and we had dinner with the twins. Once dinner was over, we went on to talk about what else I needed in the way of handouts for my trip to Atlanta for Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ’s booksigning.

Money and Marriage Lessons for Today:

1) Presentation about any financial issue is KEY! It is all in how you present it that makes the difference.

2) Make sure you know your spouse and continue getting to know them especially when it comes to money. How they will handle certain news!

3) When delivering information make sure that you are truthful about what you feel and not trying to fake it because it will be apparent if you are pretending!

4) Be sure you know who is on your team besides your spouse in case you need a certain level of financial guidance beyond your knowledge base.

5) When financial situations arise, it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you were in the midst of doing. Address the issue and keep on moving forward. Do not get “derailed” by an issue.

Money and Marriage Encouragement for Today: Each day our marriage grows stronger and stronger in the area of money and marriage! We are the DRIVERS of the bus and WE make happen what WE want!

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