postheadericon Day 19 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

This morning got up a little late and started hitting it on a project that has a quick deadline. Thought to myself must have needed the rest. When it comes to money and marriage, most days there’s always something you can talk about. Today it would be completing applications for this project that I am working on and one requiring quite a sizeable deposit. The good news is that the deposit doesn’t have to be made until close to decision time. Let me tell you, if I had to do it yesterday it would have been a deal breaker for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe in investing in my business. I like to do a thorough investigation of everything that I am doing and make sure I weighed all the costs and benefits. It is will serve you better to not be an impulse spender. You can usually weed out the needs from the wants this way. I also like making sure that any project I am working on is very sound and has potential to be huge! As long as I can make the difference for one person when it comes to money and marriage it is all good. It only takes one to change a family, neighborhood and then the world!

After I finished working on a couple of business items, I needed to go out and do some errands. Part of my thought was also focusing on lunch since I knew we had dinner plans. This week was not as good on the meal planning but will pick it back up on Wednesday. How many of you know you fall into the trap of picking up something quick and already made because you didn’t take the time to plan. Hmm, can also prove to be costly. So far this week, Monday was all about the frozen strawberry smoothies and french fries and I can already see that today has the potential for Chick-Fil-A. Needless to say no more fries for this week – Green beans, mashed potatoes, asparagus and other veggies will be on the menu.

When you don’t plan your finances the money tends to get away from you. Within a few days you may not even be able to recall how you spent the money! Tracking your spending is key to get where you want with your goals.

Money and Marriage Lessons for Today:

1) Business owners look at all applications and see what fees are due upfront so you don’t end up in a situation.

2) When you meal plan, be able to keep it up for several weeks. One or two slip ups is all it takes for some of us to get off course. You can JUMP back on it.

3) The lessons you are learning when it comes to money can also be lessons for your children when it comes to money (age appropriate of course).

Money and Marriage Encouragement for today:If you have set a rule and its to stringent, modify it and keep on going. Do not get into the trap of setting yourself up for financial failure – go FOR success. That will make a BIG difference in your life, family and marriage.

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