postheadericon Day 28 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

This day was all about numbers – how many books do I order, updating my ledgers since I had some recent business expenses and preparing for a local event. I don’t mind dealing with the numbers because it allows me to see when progress has been made and the next steps to take. I was excited about ordering more books this morning because that sent a message that brides and grooms would be getting the help they needed as they prepare for money and marriage. I like knowing couples will not be one step closer to divorce court.

Updating the ledger is always fun. I get to see what hubby has been doing when it comes to his business and the status of payments he has made to vendors. There’s nothing like having a business, paying a vendor on time and the check sitting out there in the abyss for weeks if not even a couple of months. We’ve had a vendor contact us after 60 days saying they didn’t receive a check when in fact it was hand-delivered and lost on their end within 15 days of the invoice. You must always be paying attention to what is happening with your accounts even during the bill paying part.

Let’s face it when bills are paid late, that allows for extra fees to be added on. I encourage you to not wait until the last minute to pay any bill. Don’t pay unnecessary fees.

I was working on my book promotion today and it is always interesting how people will write you back and propose what they want to see happen for your promotion. I had the pleasure today of reminding people about the purpose behind what I am doing. I had fun sharing that message because it is a “BIGGER PICTURE” than what they were doing. Moving on to the next. Caution: Don’t get caught up in someone else’s idea of what you should be doing when you have more than likely done your research on your target, cost of marketing and INVESTED in yourself and your business. Doing the homework is key. Not acting on someone else’s excitement is better.

My husband’s weeding out strategy continues to prevail.

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