postheadericon Day 29 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

As the month gets closer to ending what have we learned in the last week or two:

1) There will be some expenses that are unexpected. What is the best way to handle them? As the money manager do you make decisions alone or do you talk it over with your spouse? How do you present new financial expenses that may not have been planned? One of our unexpected expenses was two of the tires on my car had nails in them. One we took the car to the shop, then they were saying the battery, air filter and the list goes on. Do you bite the bullet and fix everything or do you put it on a planned schedule?

2) If a husband or wife has a business idea, do you listen to everything they have to say or do you just kill their dreams? My husband and I talked about my business quite a bit over the last few weeks and I’ve received better direction. Talking it out with him has also led to renewed excitement for what I am doing. It is always a “bonus” to be able to talk with someone who gets your passion.

3) What is your Plan B, C or D if you got tired of working for someone else? How would you get your bills paid? How would you achieve those financial goals that have been set for your marriage? It is not an idea to wait until you lose your job in order to decide what am I going to do now. It is not a good idea to make financial decisions AFTER your bride or groom catches you in an untruth! Preventative and preparation are key. I do some contract work and we know the contract is ending at a certain time. So we are already working several strategies to replace that income NOW – not when the contract ends!

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