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A few days ago my husband and I watched Jumping the Broom and it was so much fun to get his take on this. Some of you may recall I saw this movie when it first came out and did some reviews with a Mary Chatman, President of We had a ball on Bride Groom Money Talk radio. So let me jump right into this and share his take.

When the movie started he was somewhat okay with it and about midway through, he stopped the tape and said there is a huge communication problem in this movie. I said yes it is and was apparent on all sides. The bride and her parents. He was getting really perturbed with the bride. He said she was a spoiled brat which was annoying him. But because she was needy to him, this would impact her marraige because she had that behavior. Then he started the movie back up. So we continued watching the groom’s mother and her continued dislike for the bride. This was primarily because she felt she had been disrespected by the bride not coming to meet her ahead of time. Later we found out that was the groom’s choice based on the mom’s past behavior with previous girlfriends.

Another point that he was sharing was that the groom didn’t know about his bride’s family secret until it came out that his mother put it out. The only person that knew his mom overheard the bride’s family secret was his mother’s best friend. The bride wasn’t even aware there was a secret until his mom made it a point to reveal that tidbit of information.

Of course he and I talked about the money aspect. It was ashame that the bride’s mother felt the husband was having an affair when at the end of the day it was about their investments. Yet, they don’t really touch on any of this in detail but it is sort of an underlying story. There are so many marriages that are impacted by finances that it warrants more discussion.

Overall it was a good movie.

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