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postheadericon It’s The Weekend and No Break for Saving Money

I know its the weekend and you thought surely I would be done writing on savings. Not so fast – money circulating is money working for you. That means whether you have invested your money or put it into a savings account it is working for you. So while you are reading this on a Saturday, what is your next move when it comes to savings?

What do you want to see different with your savings strategy within the next 3 months, the next 6 months? If you have children are you expressing the importance of saving money? Have you heard Pay yourself first. Well, you should be paying yourself first. Don’t think you are not worthy because you are.

If you make an effort to save repeatedly and create the habit, then you will do it regularly. Change your mindset when it comes to saving. Your mindset should be savings is a GREAT thing and my money is working FOR me. Mindset is really important when it comes to money. There are too many people living in a poverty mindset and it is time for CHANGE. REPROGRAMMING if you will when it comes to money.

postheadericon Quick Ways to Save

This week we have been talking about saving money and it is only the beginning. There are people reading this that will say I want to save money but I have so much debt I don’t think I can. If I wanted to save, where would I start. I am soooo glad you asked that question.

Here are some quick ways that you can save money:

1) Not necessarily a new one but have you done it? Eliminate the latte’s in the morning or soft drinks at work. Put that money in an envelope every time you are about to go and purchase a soft drink or a latte. Make sure that you have either taken some bottled water with you in place of the soft drink, or purchased it at the local grocery store so that you are not spending that money in vending machines. As for the latte’s, make your own at home.

2) At the end of each day, empty out all the loose change in your pocket or purse into a jar and you will be surprised at how fast that money adds up. This is something that we have even done with our twins. They are on their second piggy bank. They are looking forward to the day when they can go and cash it in. No hurry just keep adding to it.

3) Re-evaluate every bill you have. What can you eliminate or reduce. Could you be paying less for a service or do you really need a service or is it more of a want? I have been of the mindset that if it is a service that you can turn back on such as cable, long-distance then you can do without them for a period of time. For example instead of long-distance service – use a calling card for a minute if necessary. 

4) One of my mom’s favorites is BROWN BAG your lunch. Alright that does mean you have to be creative with your lunches so that you do not get bored and fall into the trap of spending anywhere from $6 to $10 for lunch 5 days a week. On the low end if you work 5 or 6 days a week at $6 that is $30 to 36 and over 4 weeks that is $120 to $144.

5) Stick to your grocery list when going to the store. Don’t buy anything extra and do not go to the grocery store hungry! Hmmm, that will definitely get you in a lot of trouble.

Listen, I know to save money takes commitment and STRONG WILLPOWER. What will saving money mean to your life, your marriage and your family? What is the result? If you think about the result, it makes it all worth it.

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postheadericon Savings Goal makes a Difference

As in most things in life, you should have a goal. So when it comes to Saving Money, you should have a realistic goal for the year. You should be looking at your income, your expenses and what is the amount you would like to save by the end of the year. Sure it is the last full week end of February and March is right around the corner. You have 9 months left… what are you going to do?

Your goal could say for each month, I will save x amount of dollars and put it into this account. If you have not chosen a bank account yet that you want to put your money into.. do your research and see where you would get the best return. Whether it is a bank account, money market account or even a CD. Do your homework.

I remember many many years ago when I was teaching finances online to a specific group the different online accounts that we discussed were ING, FNBODirect and EmigrantDirect were the ones we talked about. Do your research and see what is the opening amount you need to have, how much has to be maintained and if there are any fees associated with the account. All of those factors make a difference. When it comes to money, you must pay attention. No pun intended.

Set your goal and go for it. I encourage you to go to and see what resources they have available regarding goal setting as well. Until tomorrow…All it takes it a START!

postheadericon What does it mean to Save?

What does it mean to save? Does it mean that you put money away one time a year? Do you put money into a bank once a month every month? Do you put away a certain percentage every time you get paid? What does saving mean and what does it mean to you?

Saving is not meaning in this aspect to rescue a person. Savings means funds put by as a reserve for whatever reason. Regardless of your financial situation, one of the goals you should have is to have a savings account with a certain amount of money in it.

What does saving mean to you? For me savings mean having that reserve for emergencies, having a fund that can sit there and not touch but grow repeatedly as I continue to put money in the account. I think one aspect of saving that would make it easy for people is to have an automatic deduction coming out of your checking account that goes into a savings account. Why? Because then you will not miss that money.

Let’s say for example, you had one bill that you had to pay off and then you would not have any other bills. Why not take the money you were paying on the bill and put it directly into your savings! Since you were used to taking that money and paying on a bill, why not turn around and pay yourself. Ahhhh! What a concept. Don’t take that money back into your wallet that you spend. Why not build up your savings even more by putting that money aside in addition to what you were already doing.

If you do an automatic deduction every time you get paid, then you have already made your decision. This can be different for each person because you have to look at various factors: employment – are you working for someone else or do you work for yourself; do you have a lot of bills and have not figured out what you can do without in order to save; or have you established a certain time within your financial plan for 2010  that you will begin saving? Whichever answer it is, all I want to say is BEGIN.

Go to America Saves and sign up. They are a resource that also acts as an accountability person that encourages you with various email messages. Begin your savings plan today!

postheadericon Week of Blogs on Savings as a part of America Saves Week 2010

Welcome to Money Talk Matters Blog. This week’s THEME is dedicated to blogging on Savings as a Part of America Saves Week, February 21 – 28, 2010.

America Saves Week is individuals will be encouraged and assisted to assess their savings progress and take action to advance this progress.  This encouragement and assistance will be provided by organizations and professionals with an interest in improving the financial security of individuals and families.

As a Personal Finances Expert, Money and Marriage advocate, it is also very important that couples have a savings plan whether you are engaged, newly married or have been married for several years. It is my HONOR to be a partner of Black America Saves and support America Saves Week.  What does that mean for you the reader?

You will receive tips, recommendations, maybe even downloads that focus on different methods of saving. I know that savings can be a fun part of life whether you are a kid, high school student, college student, young adult or even adult. It is all in what you make it. So this week let’s have a lot of fun as we talk about savings, working our savings plan and changing lives.

Savings is not something that should be overlooked regardless of financial situation. However, it should be recognized as a financial means of be prepared for emergencies, way of building wealth, learning how to save money at the lowest amount and watching it build over time and much more.

I remember having a discussion with a Local Pastor several weeks ago and one message we agreed that when it came to investing we were not told about investment at a young age. What a difference it would make if the youth were taught how to invest $5 and watch it become $50. Then invest $50 and it became $500 and so forth and so on.

We are going to have loads of fun this week with creative ways of saving money wherever you are. If you have a recommendation, send it in.

postheadericon Prayer Does change Things but what happened with Finances

Prayer does change things and many of us have seen it happen time and time again, but how come this time nothing happened when it came to our finances. We prayed for a miracle and it seems as if that prayer fell on deaf ears! I continued to lean on my faith and felt as if I was being stretched beyond belief and still in the midnight hour it seemed as if nothing was changing.

Finances play a major role in life and when it comes to your faith and finances… it is crucial to learn to become a STEWARD of GOD’s MONEY. That’s right I said it GOD’s MONEY it was not yours to begin with. 100% of it all belongs to him and I must ask you would he be proud of the way you are managing his money? Then why would you expect to get more when you are MISMANAGING what he BLESSED you with already!

I am the first one to admit, I have been guilty of mismanaging HIS MONEY and time out for the excuses. Whether it is due to a lack of knowledge, “Shopper Spirit”, peer pressure, keeping up with the Joneses for whatever reason – those excuses are no longer acceptable. God is looking for a vessel that will Manage HIS MONEY without BLEMISH or SHAME, Bless those he say bless without hesitation and expand his KINGDOM. The time is now … right now. What are you going to do to get your finances right? It should not take a financial crisis for you to get your money in order… you should be dedicated to getting them in order so you can be about OUR FATHER”s Business.

If you are reading this and are looking for financial guidance, you can contact me through my site or contact someone locally. Changing behavior within finances can require that you get outside help that is not emotionally attached to your situation in order to provide a clear path of action. TAKE ACTION – Do not wait another day to take control. There are people hurting and waiting on the message you have been given.

Blessings to all who read.

postheadericon Money and Marriage is a Lifestyle like No Other

Ladies and Gentleman, last week was one of the best weeks that I have had in a long time. It was a week filled with faciliating Money and Marriage Teleseminars during National Marriage Week. I must say WOW! What a week it was. Thank you to Rev. Angela Chester who kicked off our week with Faith and Finances. Talk about setting the tone and knowing that you have to STAND on YOUR FAITH in Good time  and Bad, whew – she set the tone. She shared about women encouraging their husband’s and that the “MALE EGO is VERY FRAGILE” how you must be careful, especially in faith and marriage.

When Tuesday came, I was ready to hear what Mary Chatman, CEO of Love Life Designs, LLC was going to say. She shared with the audience how it is important to keep romance alive even after several years have passed by. How your tone is also a factor in marriage.  Mary shared how couples have to talk about romance and their desires, furthermore that it is more than sexuality. Then she got into how romance appears to take a back seat when the finances are not right. We briefly talked about wives talking with their girlfriends about their relationship and how that shouldn’t happen because girlfriends cannot change their marriage.

From there Wednesday came and the Black Marriage and Money panel was ready for it. Dr. Harold Arnold, Talayah Stovall and Christine Pembleton came on the scene and set the record straight when it comes to Black Marriage and Money. They started out saying yes the statistic is there; however, who was the group that was looked at, furthermore if you start buying into all of the statistics or propoganda we make it a fulfilled prophecy by living it. Oooh, this conversation was “ON”. This panel ROCKED  – discussing youth, media, marriage and money and we felt as if we only scratched the surface. Before we knew it, we were out of time. Stay tuned there will be another time when we get together.

Thursday came in with much EXCITEMENT and I knew it was going to be another night of affecting CHANGE and INSPIRATION for those on the call. Teisha Shelby Houston was no joke. This SISTER, MOTHER, WIFE, Entrepreneur discussed the essentials of communciating with the spouse about being an entrepreneur, as well as RESPECTING EACH OTHER… whew. I tell you what she said, it’s okay if you have to get a job while building your business and continue moving forward. Teisha shared a lot just like each EXPERT and one of the things that was CRUCIAL when it comes to being an Entrepreneur is RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. I am telling you they all know their stuff.

As the week of teleseminars was coming to an end with Suzanne Mayo, Director of Black America Saves I was still filled with soooo much excitement. Suzanne was on the teleseminar and from the JUMP talked about the importance of Saving. Thinking BIG and Starting Small. As long as you start, it will get BIGGER. Suzanne shared from personal experience and even expanded this discussion into Health and Wealth and how if your health is having some issues, more than likely your money is too. Whoooo. I second that. I have seen people that have financial issues which causes stress and then they began to have symptoms of health issues, they go to the doctor and they cannot figure out what is wrong. We could have went on for hours.

As I said this was a great week and it has only just begun. Definitely stay tuned to this blog for more teleseminars, courses and chats.  Money and marriage is a lifestyle like no other. Its time you work it to your benefit and not your detriment.

postheadericon Faith and Finances in the Christian Marriage

Last year when we witnessed first hand the economy decline, marriages were tested on new levels. Christian marriages were also tested and some ended in divorce because of the finances. How does a husband and wife hold on to their faith when it seems as if their finances are becoming less and less. They are praying, yet they do not see a change in their situation.

What is a husband or wife to do when one spouse is continuing to hold on to their faith, yet the other spouse’s faith has been shaken.  Now not only is the marriage dealing with the financial issues but now they will be dealing with shaken faith which impacts the marriage on a different level. How does a couple hold on when it appears what they are doing is not working?

Join Dr. Taffy and Rev. Angela Chester on February 8, 2010 at 8pm EST as they discuss Faith and Finances for the beginning of the Money and Marriage Teleseminars during National Marriage Week.

Sign up here for the call in information:

postheadericon Membership Drive for Wives Jan 4 – February 4

Help is here for Wives that are married, widowed, divorced and even those that have a faith foundation that are seeking answers, solutions when it comes to every day money and marriage questions. This site is for wives who are committed to making a difference in their Money and Marriage, not for the complainers, negative that want to complain without taking action. No room or time for that. Time for Marriages to succeed because of steps taken in regards to money.

Get recommendations and/or answers to:
We need to save, but he is spending
Verbal abuse about money is affecting the marriage
How to establish financial goals
Is Divorce the answer when financial issues exist
Unresolved financial issues leading to divorce and much, much, more

Members will have access to this site 24/7 in the comfort and privacy of their own home. No other member will know they are on. There are downloadable ebooks, interviews with other experts regarding divorce and child support and much more. Members will be invited to a live chat that will take place the second Thursday of every month but is not mandatory.

Membership drive begins today from January 4 through February 4, 2010. For every member that joins, they will be placed into a drawing for:

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postheadericon Money Always Has been a Part of Marriage

Engaged Couples and Brides-to-Be

There’s a lot of reports coming out right now about money and marriage detailing the affects of money on marriage. Let me share that MONEY has ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS be a part of marriage. Whether you have a wedding, elope or even go to the Justice of the Peace money is involved. Once you are married, money is an even bigger resource because your financial decisions affect two people.

Let’s cut to the chase, money is used almost daily in some form whether you are buying lunch, paying for gas or even puchasing that latte’ in the morning to get you started it all takes money. Once you are married, money is even more important to the success of the marriage because your financial decisions will affect both of you and not just one of you. Remember, you will no longer be single but a unit.

Money in itself cannot do anything. So when people say money is one of the top three reasons for divorce – in essence it because of how the money was managed or mismanaged that someone did not agree with that affected their relationship, it is because values were not respected and all hope was lost. So before you walk down the aisle, love yourself and each other enough to have begun talking about money. WHY? Because money and marriage is an ongoing conversation for the lifetime of your marriage.

Money has many roles in marriage and prepare yourself because paying for a wedding is not the only role. Take some time and think about what the roles are you believe that money plays in your relationship and what it will mean for your marriage.

If you are seeking a financial education program that you can begin utilizing now, go to and purchase Money Talk before the Commitment Walk and The Debt Stops at The Altar. This program is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to talk about money throughout the lifetime of your marriage and can be utilized in the privacy of your own home.

Do not set yourself up to be a “Newlywed” that says “I Made a Mistake”! You can CHOOSE how you want your money and marriage to be – Full of Stress because of Financial Secrets or Fun-Loving, Having Regular Financial Stress-Free talks.