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postheadericon Regina set me up!

Yesterday, I received an email in my box from my dear friend, Regina. It was titled Negative Comments about Nicole Dean. I tell you, I’ve heard of Nicole and nothing had ever been negative. Needless to say this totally peaked my curiousity and I went right to her box.

Come to find out, Regina wasn’t speaking negatively about Nicole at all yet instead sharing how business saavy Nicole is and about her latest Income CPR! I tell you, I love the name and could not wait to read it. Once I read it sharing how Nicole has created products for her niche and attained income at home from her products, I wanted in.

If you are like me and have tons of info products already created, this could very well be for you. I encourage you to check this out and give your income a jump start.

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postheadericon Money Management for 2011

I have been teaching a lot locally in Denver regarding Money Management. Each time there has been great turnout and lots of questions being asked. People are tired of being in debt, struggling in the economy and not getting the help they need.

I have given a seminar for a Singles Summit and the majority of the participants had some experience with money within a marriage and had their own perspective on how they would handle finances when entering into a new committed relationship. They also were able to determine what is important for them when it comes to a relationship and the role of money in that relationship.

I taught at two of our local libraries for those communities about money. Interestingly enough it is always an older crowd that has had it with the economy and they are seeking answers. There were several younger adults and they had their own experience when it came to the economy “tanking” so they were there to get answers as well.

Before 2011 gets away from you, I encourage you to get the help that you deserve. If you are seeking personal financial counseling, click the tab under Money in marriage and get the counseling help you need today.

postheadericon Cash Christmas Continues

When I looked over in the next check out lane, there was my husband and our son. I said to my daughter, cover up his present. She did right away. So she stood in line with our shopping cart. Hubby and I touched base briefly and then agreed to meet up for lunch after both of us checked out.

Our son was soooo excited for his sister. He told her when you see what I got for you its going to blow you away! Now, coming from an eight year old – that made me laugh a lot. I knew what he had gotten her. Mind you, he went over the dollar amount and on this one I stretched since I felt it was truly worth it.

After lunch we had a couple of more places to hit and then we were home for the evening. It was sooo much fun and of course the twins were excited for the next day. They had saw boxes being delivered by UPS, the mailman and Fed Ex. Yet, they didn’t know which ones belonged to them and which ones were ours. Oh the fun I was having.

Needless to say that evening, there I was with all of my receipts and budget evaluating what was done with the finances that day. I was very proud of what my husband had done with his lists and dollar amounts as well as myself. When Christmas came, it felt good to know that we stuck to our game plan and didn’t move from it.

It was a great day for many reasons and one which was because it was done in CASH! That’s right. No credit card bills coming in January with huge balances or anything of that nature. I told my husband thank you and that I appreciated him working within the plan because I know that is not what he would like to do.

Lessons from the Cash Christmas:

1) Set your plan whether early or even late and stick to the plan. You (and your family) are the ones that has to live with the consequences.

2) If you are the shopper, shop within healthy financial boundaries that allow you to enjoy life knowing the bills are paid and you have money left over.

3) Create memories surrounding finances that don’t involve stress. Hmmm, there’s a refreshing idea.

4) For those with children, set the example and actions you want them to follow once they are adults.

postheadericon Cash Christmas

It all started on Thursday night before Christmas. My husband and I were discussing our game plan for taking the twins shopping for each other on Christmas Eve like we had done so many years before. Each year they become more and more excited as they have decided what they believe the other one wants.

We had discussed what the amount they were allowed to spend. Then we also discussed a couple of other purchases that we needed to make. Of course, there I was with my budget in hand as we were having the “spending talk”.

The game plan was set and the lists were made with dollar amounts attached that was the target number. The next day would prove to be filled with loads of fun and surprises.

On Christmas Eve, hubby got up and went to work. He had two lists in hand and knew the goal was to get the things on the list once he was done with work and get home at a certain time. The twins were all excited about him getting home early so they could go shopping with us.

That morning, I worked on business and prepared for the afternoon outings that would come quickly. There we were at 1pm, ready to get in the car and tackle the stores. OOOH our twins know mom doesn’t like to shop, yet this day I felt it was going to be fun and I would enjoy it.

Our daughter got in the car with me and we decided that I would do the groceries. Once we were home, then husband would return with our son and pick her back up to go do the shopping for our son. Lo and behold as we are driving, our daughter says since I’m with you mom, we might as well get Cody’s gift. Well, of course that was my thought yet I didn’t want to stop her from shopping with Daddy.

I told her in that case we needed to shop for his gift prior to grocery shopping. We found exactly what she wanted to get him in the price range. She said he is going to love it. We put it in the buggy and then proceeded to get the groceries.

The store was soooooo crowded. People standing in the aisles with shopping carts and not moving. I hadn’t seen anything like this in a long time. We made our way up to a check out line and we look over in the next check out line and guess what happened…….

postheadericon Needs and Wants at Holiday Time

Tomorrow is Christmas and I have much excitement for our twins. Understand this, we give them different things all year long because they are good kids, very domestic in helping around the house without being asked and have such a loving spirit.

Earlier this week, they put up our Christmas tree for the first time. Our twins are not kids that will go into stores and say I want this, this and this. They are happy with whatever they get. They have just begun to say here is what is on my wish list and we are talking maybe 2 or 3 items. What I love love love is that these items consists of one toy and then the others are educational. Come on – make a mother proud.

I have gently had the conversation about the difference between needs and wants especially when it comes to spending money. When you start early, I believe it is easier to learn and can save a lot of heart ache in the future.

Even as big kids – adults (parents) there are things that we want. We too as adults must do it in moderation so there are no regrets when the beginning of the new year comes around. When parents struggle financially, it also affects the children. Do what you need to do for your family and move it forward.

postheadericon Money Wisdom

We all use money whether daily, every other day or weekly. Mortgages, apartments, groceries, car insurance, and more. Money has many roles in life and one key factor is recognizing all the roles that money plays in your life.

Some may say what makes us different is the way we manage money. I beg to differ because many of us are managing money the same… Trial and Error! Mismanaging money, checks bouncing, shortage in the account versus a surplus and even incurring debt. Not balancing the checkbook, not even writing down in the register when you write a check or even record an ATM deduction and payment. That in itself could set you on the path for financial stress.

Financial stress does not have to be a part of life. There are people that do not even have financial stress and strain. Let me share this – the person or people that are successful with money possess several traits:

1) Responsibility – They take responsibility for their finances and the choices they make when it comes to money. They are thinking about the long-term consequences and not just short-term spur of the moment band-aids.

2) Does not Procrastinate – They do not procrastinate when it comes to addressing a financial issue. They meet it head on and take steps to solve the issue. They don’t wait until tomorrow to address a situation because they know tomorrow never comes.

3) Not in Denial – They are not in denial about their finances. If there is a shortage in their finances, they review their finances and make adjustments where necessary.

4) Mindset – Their mindset is right about their finances. They are continuously learning money skills and not holding themselves captive because of past mistakes. They recognize that if their attitude is not right, they could invite financial stress and strain back into their lives.

5) Speech – They are not speaking negatively about their own life. They are not the ones constantly complaining instead they look at the situation for what it is and speak the solution.

6) Vision – These people have vision about where they want to go with their finances. They set financial goals, reach them and exceed them.

What makes us different is our problem solving capabilities. When faced with a financial issue, how do you solve it? Denial, avoidance, blaming someone else or do you take charge? Our problem solving capabilities are not necessarily new and something that we have been doing for a long time.

Have you been avoiding your financial situation because you think you can wish it away? Avoidance, denial or even procrastination is not the answer. In order for 2011 to be different, you have to take action now in 2010.

If you read this post and need financial counseling, go to and scroll down to Individual Counseling.

postheadericon Resource for Small Business Owners

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I wanted to share this resource as oftentimes, there are small business owners that follow me. Be sure to take advantage of this offer.

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postheadericon Blast from the past regarding Jilted Bride

I was not going to point this one out however, as much as I tried not to post it, it kept coming up. Remember the Jilted Bride that was Awarded $150,000. Take a look.

According to the post I read, “he testified he had taken her on several trips and paid $30,000 of her debt while they were engaged. Then he found out she had even more debt so he called it off! In my opinion sounds like he dodged a life of financial frustration if she had that amount of debt and more.

When you get into the habit of paying off a future spouse’s debt even prior to getting married, this can open the door for them to create more if they are shoppers and feel as if they have been given a new lease on life. Why? Because they may believe you have a soft spot and think they can create debt and run to you to clean it up.

Whatever debt you create prior to your marriage and engagement is your responsibility to clean up. Not your future spouse! It is not written in stone anywhere they they must pay off your bills even once you are married. Your credit is individual. Brides and grooms both need to beware and pay attention to the financial obligations that exist prior to getting married.

postheadericon Engagement broke off, where’s my ring?

I tell you I am such a Court TV junkie and tonight I came across this particular episode that lines up with the previous post about being broke and one future spouse doing everything. Take a look at this:

Problems with this couple:

1) Lack of Communication and Limited Communication

2) Arguing in front of the child

3) She continuously took this gentleman to court. I must admit when it gets to those levels, you do not need to get married.

At the end of the day, this woman does not even remember this person proposing to her. He wants the ring back and stuff that he left. I tell you what I was thinking when I watched this when she walked in she was twisting this ring on her finger. I could not help but wonder if that was the alleged ring. She told the Judge it wasn’t… I still remain somewhat suspicious.

Brides-to-be and grooms-to-be it should not be that hard. If anyone has to get physically abused walk away. That’s not the person for you.