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postheadericon Should a Married Person keep Borrowing Money to a Friend a Secret?

Husbands and wives listen up. This question came to me anonymously and I felt to address this on my blog.  Should a married person keep borrowing money to a friend a secret? First and foremost, a marriage is built on trust and cannot be built on secrets. When secrets come out they usually inflict HAVOC on a marriage because of what it is. Why would you, a married person be loaning money to a friend and not discuss it with your spouse? That goes for male or female.

What is your goal for not telling your spouse that you are loaning money to a friend?

(1) You are not telling your spouse because you know they would not agree.

(2) You believe the friend will pay you back before the spouse discovers this money  is missing.

(3) You do not believe you are accountable to your spouse when it comes to money and you can do whatever you want.

(4) Your friend has been giving you a hard time about checking with your spouse before doing things. SO to show them that you are in control, you loan this friend money without telling the spouse.

If none of those are your goal, then you need to re-evaluate why you keep loaning money to a friend and are keeping it a secret. Are you prepared to deal with the consequences when your spouse finds out? Secrets rarely stay a secret.