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postheadericon Fiance keeping up with the Joneses

My fiance has been in at least five weddings over the last sixteen months. We have been engaged and are now planning our wedding. I told her from the beginning that since we were paying for the wedding, I thought we should have a conservative yet elegant wedding that we both can remember for years to come. Yet every time we talk, I hear about this friend’s wedding and that friend’s wedding. It is getting on my last nerve. What is a groom to do?

Brides-to-be take a note, if you spend your time trying to keep up with the Joneses and you and your groom are paying for your wedding, you just may run him off. Money is one of the top causes of divorce. When he is being honest with you and sharing with you upfront that he does not want a lot of debt, listen to what he is saying. He is not saying he does not want a wedding. He is saying he does not want debt that is going to smother him and you to the point of there is stress from the beginning in the marriage.

It has been told to men from the beginning they are supposed to be the providers for their families. How can he provide for the family if you are creating uncontrollable debt and put it all off on him? Be honest with yourself about what your income is and what is his income is. There is nothing like having the ability to come back from a honeymoon and nuture your new marriage relationship without financial stress instead of coming back to a stack of bills and immediately arguing about you spent this amount.

Once the arguments start, then pointing the finger begins. Shifting the blame and no one will enjoy that. Let me let you in on a secret, when you are looking at the Joneses, you are looking from the outside and you do not know exactly what is going on in the inside. You may be reading this and saying yes, I do know what’s going on. You know what your girlfriend is saying not her husband. There is always her side, his side and THE TRUTH!

Groom: Sit down with your bride and show her the budget, what the two of you have agreed upon and what you have spent to date for the wedding expenses and what remains. Furthermore, also talk with her about what bills you are both bringing to the table outside of the wedding. Maybe the BIG PICTURE will help her to stop looking at her friends.