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Once Elle is accepted into Harvard and she is sooo looking the part, she gets snubbed by many people due to her being “blonde”. Lo and behold in her first class, she is unprepared and the character Vivian Kenzington agrees with the instructor to kick her out. Didn’t see this coming but Vivian ends up being Warner’s fiance. Elle is sickened.

Of course the cat claws come out as soon as Vivian realizes that Warner knows Elle. At the end of the day, Warner still does not approve of Elle and thinks she is out of place at Harvard, which in turn makes her fight for her law school education.

Lesson: Brides and Grooms – be true to yourself and do not get caught up in the approval of other people or you will be setting yourself up for heartache.

The lessons in this movie did not have to do with money but instead focused more on self-esteem, relationships and knowing your mate. It is always good to have your self-esteem in check and be comfortable with who you are. Love yourself so that you can in turn love others.

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Of course as I was trying to call it a night, one of my all time favorite movies was coming on – Legally Blonde. What’s a girl to do, turn in or sit up, watch it and share financial lessons on the blog. Hmmm, since you are reading this you know what I chose.

At the beginning the character Elle is expecting her boyfriend Warner to propose to her tonight. She goes with her friends and chooses a dress that she will wear. They go to dinner and he wants to discuss their future. She is sooo prepared for him to ask her and since he is going to Harvard, says his family’s expecting a lot from him and Harvard’s going to be hard.

Here comes the line, that’s why Elle, Poo bear, I think its time for us to.. she says I accept and he says break up. His bottomline is if he is going to be a senator he needs to confirm to what his family will approve of. WOW! He tells her he needs a Jackie and not like he has a choice. She walks out.

I wonder right now, how many relationships have ended because a family member did not approve. Don’t get me wrong – when many people are telling the bride or groom they should not marry a certain person – yes, they should be listening. However, when a family is degrading their son or daughter’s choice because they are not who they would choose — what I say to the son or daughter is this… you know who you love, will be with you through thick and thin regardless of easy or difficult times. You are the one that has to live with this person at the end of the day not your family. Make sure you know who you love, like and why.

Another lesson from this movie was that Elle decided that she would attempt to become the person that would go to Harvard. She studies with her sorority group for the LSATs and she gets into Harvard. Of course Warner was stunned to see her on campus.

Lesson: Be true to who you are and not try to conform to someone’s opinion of you. That will only lasts so long.

Come back tomorrow as we discuss more lessons.