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postheadericon Day 23 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

I so love days like today. I cooked the kids oatmeal pancakes for breakfast after our daughter prepared the batter. Then hubby and I sat down in the kitchen and went over the finances. I updated the ledgers this morning so that we could plan what the activities were he would be doing with the kids while I was working. We started out talking about business – Money Talk Matters and the engaged couples. One of the things that I did was review a previous business that he and I had done together. Shared with him what I learned from looking back at that business and what things I could institute in my new business. Knowing how well we work together and impact people, felt it best that we provide the counseling.

We also looked at when we worked with students and parents. It was a fun time, meeting with families in their homes. I was able to really provide some insight to him and said in that business this is what we had created and I know we can do that again with what I am doing. That business involved youth, parents and finances. I remember we had impacted over 400 families within the state of Colorado. We did a lot of traveling in those years and had lots of fun. Was very fulfilling.

We moved on and talked finances and planning vacation and business trips! Of course all of this works into homeschooling quite well. Whew! Listen if you do not invest in yourselves and your businesses no one else will. If you don’t believe in them, no one else will. We continued discussing businesses and what we want to do and see within Money Talk Matters. We even discussed how important it is to have a support system which we’ve always had – we talked about me expanding mine to some degree. You can’t be afraid to invest in yourself and take some chances.

Exciting times. I will be releasing information about upcoming events online and offline very soon. If you want to be notified then you should sign up on the home page of this site for information.

Money and Marriage Lessons for Today

1) Business owners – re-evaluate an old business and see what worked and what didn’t. Implement what you can for an existing business and see what happens.

2) When you are able to include a spouse and get feedback, it can make a big difference in your success and/or motivation.

3) Be sure and explain to your spouse your reasoning behind what you do when it comes to marital money, especially if you are the money manager. Think big picture – you want it to benefit everyone.

4) PRESENTATION is key in business and personal life.

Money and Marriage Encouragement for today:Money and Marriage talk is a lifestyle that can be achieved. It’s a choice – you either want your marriage to work or you don’t!

postheadericon Failing to Plan your Money and Marriage…

Engagement time is a very happy and emotional time for many brides-to-be and families. Once the engagement happens sometimes within days thoughts begin swirling about wedding plans everything from flowers, wedding gown, caterers, reading bridal magazines, participating in online bridal forums and even creating your own online wedding website race through your mind.

There is no doubt that many brides will take the time to do the research, some will hire a wedding planner and some will not. Even those that don’t hire a wedding planner yet become an expert at “DIY” will make sure they have done the research and checked things off of the checklist. Planning Planning Planning.

Now one of the areas that does not get nearly that amount of attention for most during this same time is MONEY COMMUNICATION for marriage. Sure, brides are talking about the wedding budget, however, do you love him enough to say I want to show you my credit report or will you show me your credit report.

Do you love him enough to say, how would you handle if I lost my job and couldn’t get employment for six months – how would WE handle this? Do you love him enough to say, I’m not sure I want to automatically combine our finances if that is not what you want?

Marriages are ending all the time because of money. Whether it is overspending, money secrets, lack of money – doesn’t matter statistics show that one of the top reasons marriage end in divorce is because of money.

Are you failing to plan your money and marriage talks, money management skills and how to handle money management issues BEFORE you say I Do? Could you answer those questions without going to your groom right now because you felt as if you’ve talked about it or felt those talks could wait?

If you FAIL to Plan, then you PLAN to FAIL in the area of Money and Marriage DURING your marriage. When money challenges start, dynamics change in a relationship really fast because of emotions and other factors that you usually are not prepared for.

Get PREMARITAL FINANCIAL COUNSELING today! Think about it, how many marriages do you know throughout your family or even friends that have ended due to money issues. How many of them could have been saved IF they had premarital financial counseling prior to saying “I Do” and developing a financial plan for their marriage.

postheadericon When Should Engaged Couples Talk About Money

Segment 2 of Honey, Let’s Talk About Money discusses When Should Engaged Couples Talk About Money:

postheadericon Honey Let’s Talk About Money

Engaged Couples you should take a look. I invite you to Share, subscribe or leave comments.

postheadericon Must See Price is Right

Price is right for Engaged Couples. You must take a look – The Wedding Shower Episode:

postheadericon With This Ring – Presentation

I was thinking back to all those times when I watched The Cosby show and the episodes of Vanessa going to college and being engaged came to mind. Vanessa comes back from buying the bread and says she’s engaged! Take a look at this first episode:

How you share about your engagement to family and friends, sends a message. I remember too hearing from a friend about one of her friends being engaged and none of the friends liked it. Like my mother has always said, “Everybody cannot be wrong”.

postheadericon Bride and Groom – Should We Share Money?

For the last week, I have been writing about engaged couples and money in different capacities. I want to finish up this topic by answering an anonymous question that was sent in. We are engaged and should we share money?

For those couples that are engaged, be sure to read this in its entirety because this is a loaded question. Let’s get into it:

1) Are you sharing money because either the bride-to-be or groom is not making enough money to pay all of their bills independently? If that is the case, that does not require that you begin sharing money. What it means is that the person that has the financial deficit needs to take a look at their financial management and make some adjustments. If they are not managing their money while they are single (yet engaged), they may not necessarily do better once the finances are joint.

2) Are you pushing joint finances in order to hide debt? Once your finances are joint and you become the money manager, then you can begin to pay off your debt and the other one will not be the wiser? Caution: This may very well backfire because usually the other person finds out.

3) Is the reason for joining the finances now, so that you can begin establishing the foundation for your marital finances during the engagement and learn how to make united financial decisions that will benefit the overall marriage? Its not about being his way or her way, meeting her wants or his wants but what is best for the marriage. There is a difference.

What is the motivation for uniting finances during the engagement? During the engagement is the optimal time to discuss finances openly and not continue to keep financial secrets. Let me give you some insight – what you do when you are engaged when it comes to money is what you will do once you are married. Make mature choices knowing that you have to deal with the consequences, good or bad.

postheadericon VH1 Show – Wedding Wars

I was doing some research which is one of my favorite things to do and I discovered that VH1 is doing several new reality shows. One is titled Wedding Wars which is engaged couples competing for a dream wedding. No word yet on when it will be airing, just know that it is coming.

I would say to those engaged couples out there, don’t let television define how you handle your wedding let alone your marriage. You are entering into a covenant with someone you love and life will change and so will both of you. Give each other the opportunity to become all that you can be (No, you are not entering into the military). Let’s be real, you won’t stay that same age.. you gain wisdom as you get older. I know wisdom is a great thing.

Engaged couples think about how you want your wedding to go and then think about what you would like to see happen throughout your marriage and begin communicating about it now.

postheadericon Engaged Couples on The Price is Right

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching The Price is Right which is one of my favorite game shows that I have been watching every since I can remember. This one particular episode was dedicated to “Engaged Couples” which I felt was a nice twist to the show. Seeing brides-to-be and grooms-to-be bidding on various gifts they could use for their marriage was pretty nice.

I also observed that some did not discuss and one person just handled the bidding. Hmmm, that holds true once married that often times, I will have to say women are the money managers whether they want to be or not. Money is a topic that should be discussed on the regular in a marriage, I would even say weekly discussions in the beginning in order to get the non-money manager spouse involved in knowing what is happening with the marital finances.

For a weekly discussion, I recommend making it fun and light-hearted and not all serious. Hint brides-to-be if you come at your spouse too serious there will already be some dread in what you are going to say. Believe me, learn early how to talk with your mate about those important topics including money. Being proactive about your finances instead of reactive will go a long way.

postheadericon Interview on

Engaged Couples, Brides and even Newlyweds

For some of you, there are only a few months until your wedding day happens. Take the time to listen to this candid interview with about Money and Marriage.

How do you begin the talk?
What are some of the red flags?
Hasn’t money always been a part of marriage and much more..

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