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postheadericon Day 23 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

I so love days like today. I cooked the kids oatmeal pancakes for breakfast after our daughter prepared the batter. Then hubby and I sat down in the kitchen and went over the finances. I updated the ledgers this morning so that we could plan what the activities were he would be doing with the kids while I was working. We started out talking about business – Money Talk Matters and the engaged couples. One of the things that I did was review a previous business that he and I had done together. Shared with him what I learned from looking back at that business and what things I could institute in my new business. Knowing how well we work together and impact people, felt it best that we provide the counseling.

We also looked at when we worked with students and parents. It was a fun time, meeting with families in their homes. I was able to really provide some insight to him and said in that business this is what we had created and I know we can do that again with what I am doing. That business involved youth, parents and finances. I remember we had impacted over 400 families within the state of Colorado. We did a lot of traveling in those years and had lots of fun. Was very fulfilling.

We moved on and talked finances and planning vacation and business trips! Of course all of this works into homeschooling quite well. Whew! Listen if you do not invest in yourselves and your businesses no one else will. If you don’t believe in them, no one else will. We continued discussing businesses and what we want to do and see within Money Talk Matters. We even discussed how important it is to have a support system which we’ve always had – we talked about me expanding mine to some degree. You can’t be afraid to invest in yourself and take some chances.

Exciting times. I will be releasing information about upcoming events online and offline very soon. If you want to be notified then you should sign up on the home page of this site for information.

Money and Marriage Lessons for Today

1) Business owners – re-evaluate an old business and see what worked and what didn’t. Implement what you can for an existing business and see what happens.

2) When you are able to include a spouse and get feedback, it can make a big difference in your success and/or motivation.

3) Be sure and explain to your spouse your reasoning behind what you do when it comes to marital money, especially if you are the money manager. Think big picture – you want it to benefit everyone.

4) PRESENTATION is key in business and personal life.

Money and Marriage Encouragement for today:Money and Marriage talk is a lifestyle that can be achieved. It’s a choice – you either want your marriage to work or you don’t!

postheadericon Day 20 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

This morning has started out similar to yesterday. Starting a little late and it is all good. This lets me know that I needed the rest. Believe me I have been going on sheer adrenalin for the last few months due to our IRS audit. WOOHOO that is over and we came through it “beautifully”. We were not stressed because I knew what I had placed on our returns was valid and I could prove everything we claimed. The majority of the time was really spent on locating the documents and getting everything in order which I shared before. Hubby believed and TRUSTED in me and what I said. That makes a big difference in a relationship when a husband and wife can work together.

What I thought was interesting was that I went from one project right to another. A wife is working it all out though because each time I learn more and more along the way! What about you? I know that today will be spent on some meal planning so I can shop later. Money has already been set aside. Once again the key is to “PLAN” for it. BIG caution do not go grocery shopping hungry. If you do, you will always spend more money than you had planned in addition to buying something you may only eat one time!

The twins will be thrilled because that means we will get what we need for Oatmeal pancakes. They also asked me about green beans, etc. I love that they want to eat healthy and LIKE it! Eating healthy is not bad as long as you choose the right meals that are appealing to the eyes and palate! Let’s face it you cannot put a price tag on health! Be honest with yourself.

We also know that finances being in disarray can affect health. People will run to the doctors to get a diagnosis when they know at the end of the day, it is the money that they are stressed about and they begin to develop all these “symptoms” which will not lead to a true diagnosis but a pseudo diagnosis. Stop today and begin taking control of your money instead of being controlled by your money.

Money and Marriage Lessons for Today:

1) You can’t put a price on health.

2) Finances being out of order affects health which can also cost more money.

3) Be honest with yourself and address the financial challenges in your life today.

Money and Marriage Encouragement for Today:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. How about paying attention to your finances regularly can keep extraneous fees away!

postheadericon Day 16 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

Nothing like a Saturday morning to begin sleeping in. Well that was not on my body’s time clock. I got up and began writing emails to follow up on some specific actions. Once the kids were up, I cooked the delicious and very healthy oatmeal pancakes. The kids were very happy. Two days prior hubby and I had talked about taking my car to get an oil change AND he said I had a nail in one of my tires. It shouldn’t cost me anything because we had a road hazard warranty.

Because we got started late – we chose to wait until Sunday to do it. There I was with my first stack of documents and my task list. The twins were excited since they knew they’d be out playing with hubby while I was working. Keeping my eye on the prize is crucial at this time. Writing out text for brochures, following up on emails and preparing for the upcoming week with schooling our twins, interviews etc.

When your finances are in order it is AWESOME because you can focus on other things! When finances are in disarray many things begin to fall apart! What would you prefer? Focus or disarray? How much more would people accomplish if their finances were in order?

Money and Marriage Lesson for Today:

1) When your finances are in order, many things can be accomplished.

2) Once your finances are in order, do not get lazy and slack off. It only takes one time to disregard adding that entry regarding money spent and it begins to fall apart.

Money and Marriage Encouragement for today:Live the life you want to live with finances in order!

postheadericon Day 14 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

What a fun conversation we had this morning as we prepared to get our day started. We started out talking about the Marriagechat on Twitter last night. What were the discussions, the interaction and was it well attended. I was sharing how the chat went with questions from why do couples not talk about money, to prenup, to do you go into debt for a child’s college education and more. My husband was all into this because we used to be independent career and college counselors for juniors and seniors in high school. He was all over that question. Did I say this and what about that? We talked about the prenup question because I used to be of the mindset that if you have a prenup you are preparing for divorce and that changed within the last couple of years. There are certain times when it should be in place and other times when it is not necessary.

Then we also went back and talked about the interview on Looking My Spouse radio and some of the questions that came up in the chatroom. We talked about the question was I upset when he was unemployed. So I discussed how after we got out of debt, we planned our household on one income in case anything were to happen. Also what a GREAT move that was.

We also talked about child support and whether or not there should be a joint account or separate accounts. Then I shared with him what TheGarterBrides said last night during the Twitter Chat about marrying a person with a child. Conversation this morning was loads of fun and we could have talked all morning long. With us having gone through a lot when it comes to finances in our own marriage, we do not hesitate to talk about different situations and how we would handle them.

One of the tasks I woke up with was writing back to Ronnie and Lamar Tyler the host of last night’s twitter chat and sharing with them more about college and the financial game. My mind was still racing from the chat and I wanted to make sure that I wrote everyone back that asked questions that I didn’t get to last night.

Money and Marriage Lessons for Today:

1) You can continue to learn about money and marriage no matter how long you’ve been married.

2) Talking is key for the success of money and marriage. It is an ongoing conversation.

3) There are times when I will stop and call my husband during the day to confirm information that we both know when it comes to money. He will remind me about something in addition to what I remember. Don’t forget that your husband should be a resource and/or a cheerleader for you AND vice versa.

Money and Marriage Encouragement for Today: Enjoy the process of learning more and more about each other when it comes to money and marriage. Like a fine wine it gets better with age when given the proper attention and care!