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postheadericon Day 3 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

What a fun-filled family day we had yesterday. Once I did my work on the computer early in the AM, I never saw my computer again until this morning. Mind you as tired as I was last night, I somehow (okay let’s face it my mind races), there I was at 3am coming down to my office. I got on the computer and was checking emails.

I had received a message on LinkedIn regarding Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ from a local mortgage lender. I imagine they saw the write-up about the book in the Denver Business Journal. That was pretty cool. Then I began thinking about what would we do later today.. I had some ideas in mind yet I wanted to see first if hubby had some ideas.

Even though I worked a couple of hours really early, at 5am I was heading back to bed. The sleep “spirit” had come back on really strong. Fast forward to 10:30am.. what would we do today. I shared how I had a bag of stuff for one of the places we donate clothes and toys too. We told the twins to go through their toys and see what they no longer wanted. They have always been really good at donating the toys they don’t want anymore. I have found if they choose the toys it is either for them to part with them.

We briefly discussed what we would have breakfast. Of course our children wanted French Toast sticks from Jack in the Box. I already knew that was coming.. hubby has them spoiled like that on the weekend. They know more than likely on Saturday or Sunday, they will get either Jack in the Box or McDonald’s pancakes. Not both days – but one day.

While they were out working on their toys, hubby and I talked about a vacation. Would we take a vacation this year.. mind you we hadn’t taken one in a couple of years. Several months ago, I shared how I wanted the family to take a vacation this year. We briefly discussed taking a vacation, whether to drive or fly, where we would go and length of time.

Once he was ready to go and pick up breakfast, I told him I would work on laundry, writing posts and get my homeschool package ready to go in the mail.

Speaking of mail… what would you do if you received an IRS notificiation in the mail? Would you immediately think doom and gloom? Would you be afraid to open it? How would you handle this. Be sure to stay tuned as Eric and I reveal lessons regarding the IRS…

As far as I know the only other expense that will occur today is hubby will be making the Costco run – estimation of $30.00. Total for today $39.00 plus the $104 from yesterday… $143.00 see and we are getting close to that $150 – do I know my husband or what. Whether you are the money manager or not, it is key to get to know your spouse, their spending habits, their goals for finances as well as the family. It makes money and marriage communication and lifestyle a lot easier.

Money and Marriage Lessons for Today:

1) Be honest with yourselves about your spending habits and your desires. There will be times when you just want something instead of needing it.

2) Do not forsake taking a vacation even if it is a staycation. A time of renewal is always good. Once again this would be a lesson for planned spending.

3) Whether you spend all the money in one day or three days, when you plan your money it is always to your advantage. STICK to your goals and they will be accomplished.

Money and Marriage Encouragement for Today: My husband and I are a team and are working together in order to create the life we LIVE for us and our children. (Notice I didn’t say we want to live — we are ATTAINING it NOW not in the FUTURE!)

postheadericon Money Wisdom

We all use money whether daily, every other day or weekly. Mortgages, apartments, groceries, car insurance, and more. Money has many roles in life and one key factor is recognizing all the roles that money plays in your life.

Some may say what makes us different is the way we manage money. I beg to differ because many of us are managing money the same… Trial and Error! Mismanaging money, checks bouncing, shortage in the account versus a surplus and even incurring debt. Not balancing the checkbook, not even writing down in the register when you write a check or even record an ATM deduction and payment. That in itself could set you on the path for financial stress.

Financial stress does not have to be a part of life. There are people that do not even have financial stress and strain. Let me share this – the person or people that are successful with money possess several traits:

1) Responsibility – They take responsibility for their finances and the choices they make when it comes to money. They are thinking about the long-term consequences and not just short-term spur of the moment band-aids.

2) Does not Procrastinate – They do not procrastinate when it comes to addressing a financial issue. They meet it head on and take steps to solve the issue. They don’t wait until tomorrow to address a situation because they know tomorrow never comes.

3) Not in Denial – They are not in denial about their finances. If there is a shortage in their finances, they review their finances and make adjustments where necessary.

4) Mindset – Their mindset is right about their finances. They are continuously learning money skills and not holding themselves captive because of past mistakes. They recognize that if their attitude is not right, they could invite financial stress and strain back into their lives.

5) Speech – They are not speaking negatively about their own life. They are not the ones constantly complaining instead they look at the situation for what it is and speak the solution.

6) Vision – These people have vision about where they want to go with their finances. They set financial goals, reach them and exceed them.

What makes us different is our problem solving capabilities. When faced with a financial issue, how do you solve it? Denial, avoidance, blaming someone else or do you take charge? Our problem solving capabilities are not necessarily new and something that we have been doing for a long time.

Have you been avoiding your financial situation because you think you can wish it away? Avoidance, denial or even procrastination is not the answer. In order for 2011 to be different, you have to take action now in 2010.

If you read this post and need financial counseling, go to and scroll down to Individual Counseling.

postheadericon Fiance Does not Share Her Support of Expenses

Money is an important topic when it comes to engagement and marriage. This is yet another anonymous question that came in from a soon-to-be groom. What do I do, my fiance does not share her support of expenses? Heavy duty topic which can lead to an uneasy discussion but this should be talked about.

I would imagine this groom-to-be is not the only person that is dealing with this issue. First, how long has your fiance not been willing to share in his or her support of expenses? What people fail to realize is this, if their is a certain behavior that is exhibited that you do not agree with yet you remain silent, then it is perceived in the other person’s mind as accepted or agreed upon. Therefore, for example if the fiance has not ever shared in her support of expenses, then it will take some doing to change that behavior.

Next, I would recommend that you sit down with your fiance and begin talking about the money matters more in depth than you were before. This clearly should raise a red flag that the does not share her support of expenses. Why is that? Are some of the expenses hers? Are these wedding expenses? Also are these needs or wants? These are definitely questions that you need to sit down and discuss now. Why? You are headed down a road of pointing the finger and blame if one person does not agree with financial expenses that are happening in the marriage.

You cannot look at this one sided and place all the blame on her. Be honest with yourself because deep down you know what the reason is. Do not be in denial. Both of you need to take responsibility and discuss your finances openly. What are the mutual financial goals for the marriage? What debt is being brought into the marriage by the husband and the wife and so much more. Do not avoid having these discussions or you could be setting your marriage up for financial stress unnecessarily.

Financial secrets upon being revealed can divide a marriage. Begin talking with your fiance today about the expenses.