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postheadericon Burden of Paying for a Wedding

Been really busy and now have the time to get back on the blog to write. OOOH must catch up. I began my morning by reading various articles and came across this article that was on the website titled The Burden of Paying for Wedding Bells Shift.

I had to stop and read it because first it says “The Burden” which the word burden is generally perceived in a negative fashion. Burden means load, obligation carried. We all know that times have changed from the Parents of the Bride paying for the wedding alone and more brides and grooms are having to “foot their own bill”.

Why not think beyond the wedding day and consider the following:

(1) The wedding is for one day and how much “debt” are you willing to incur that you could be paying on for years to come. That does not mean you shouldn’t have a wedding, that means you should be honest about your financial situation.

(2) Do you want to start out your marriage with financial stress and strain from wedding debt instead of having fun nurturing your marriage, starting that new chapter in your lives?

(3) How many couples do you personally know that are fighting about their financial situation shortly after their wedding day?

These are just initial questions you should think about. I read in the article where this one young lady was receiving $125,000 from both sides and I couldn’t help but think why not put that money towards a downpayment on a starter house, pay off student loans, etc instead of putting that towards “ONE DAY”!

Recommendation: Do not let your wedding day plans and costs be a burden that you regret for years to come.

Read the article and share your thoughts!