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postheadericon Engaged Couples on The Price is Right

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching The Price is Right which is one of my favorite game shows that I have been watching every since I can remember. This one particular episode was dedicated to “Engaged Couples” which I felt was a nice twist to the show. Seeing brides-to-be and grooms-to-be bidding on various gifts they could use for their marriage was pretty nice.

I also observed that some did not discuss and one person just handled the bidding. Hmmm, that holds true once married that often times, I will have to say women are the money managers whether they want to be or not. Money is a topic that should be discussed on the regular in a marriage, I would even say weekly discussions in the beginning in order to get the non-money manager spouse involved in knowing what is happening with the marital finances.

For a weekly discussion, I recommend making it fun and light-hearted and not all serious. Hint brides-to-be if you come at your spouse too serious there will already be some dread in what you are going to say. Believe me, learn early how to talk with your mate about those important topics including money. Being proactive about your finances instead of reactive will go a long way.