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postheadericon When Money Stress Makes You Sick and Tired

If you’re worried about your finances, chances are you’re also feeling the physical effects of money stress. A dwindling bank account and rising debt can not only cause you to feel stress, it can lead to an increased risk of disease and other health problems.

Some stress is a good thing. It helps you to prepare for an important event like studying for an exam, preparing for a big presentation, or handling an emergency. But the body isn’t made to sustain that stress over a long period of time. And when the stress continues for more than a day or two, it begins to take its toll on your system.

Recently, researchers discovered that the more debt you have the more stressed you become. This makes sense, doesn’t it? There’s almost nothing worse than opening your mailbox and finding another bill that you really can’t afford to pay. That constant feeling of dread and stress can make you feel physically and emotionally unwell.

For example, you may be feeling tired, depressed, and fatigued. You may be suffering from headaches, indigestion, and even have problems with high blood pressure. Some people have difficulty sleeping because of stress or suffer from nightmares when they finally do fall asleep.

The more you worry, the more out of control things may seem. It helps to tackle the problem head on so that you can eliminate the symptoms that are causing your body to feel stress. There are several ways you can tackle the problem of having too much debt and not enough income.

To begin with, it may help to write things down on paper. Keeping a journal can help you to deal with the feelings you’re experiencing as well as come up with solutions. And writing something down gives your brain the permission it needs to stop worrying about a problem constantly. You can come back to your worries another time.

Make sure that every time you write down a worry, you also come up with possible solutions – at least one for every problem. This will help you to stop feeling helpless and start taking charge of your life.

In addition, it’s time to take a good look at your financial predicament. If you’re continuing to spend money you don’t really have, you may need to get outside help. If you’ve got bills that are getting larger and larger, it’s time to do some financial planning and determine a way to get out of debt.

Do not delay taking control of your finances which will affect your health. You may discover once you get your finances in order, your health will begin to clear up!

postheadericon Day 20 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

This morning has started out similar to yesterday. Starting a little late and it is all good. This lets me know that I needed the rest. Believe me I have been going on sheer adrenalin for the last few months due to our IRS audit. WOOHOO that is over and we came through it “beautifully”. We were not stressed because I knew what I had placed on our returns was valid and I could prove everything we claimed. The majority of the time was really spent on locating the documents and getting everything in order which I shared before. Hubby believed and TRUSTED in me and what I said. That makes a big difference in a relationship when a husband and wife can work together.

What I thought was interesting was that I went from one project right to another. A wife is working it all out though because each time I learn more and more along the way! What about you? I know that today will be spent on some meal planning so I can shop later. Money has already been set aside. Once again the key is to “PLAN” for it. BIG caution do not go grocery shopping hungry. If you do, you will always spend more money than you had planned in addition to buying something you may only eat one time!

The twins will be thrilled because that means we will get what we need for Oatmeal pancakes. They also asked me about green beans, etc. I love that they want to eat healthy and LIKE it! Eating healthy is not bad as long as you choose the right meals that are appealing to the eyes and palate! Let’s face it you cannot put a price tag on health! Be honest with yourself.

We also know that finances being in disarray can affect health. People will run to the doctors to get a diagnosis when they know at the end of the day, it is the money that they are stressed about and they begin to develop all these “symptoms” which will not lead to a true diagnosis but a pseudo diagnosis. Stop today and begin taking control of your money instead of being controlled by your money.

Money and Marriage Lessons for Today:

1) You can’t put a price on health.

2) Finances being out of order affects health which can also cost more money.

3) Be honest with yourself and address the financial challenges in your life today.

Money and Marriage Encouragement for Today:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. How about paying attention to your finances regularly can keep extraneous fees away!