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postheadericon Marriage and Money Movie #19 – The Marriage Counselor

It is soo much fun doing something that I love. Watching these movies and reviewing them from a money perspective is the best. This actually was a play that was recorded and my kudos to Tyler Perry it was fabulous.

Let me give a summary of what this movie is about. In a nutshell, The Marriage Counselor of course counsels married couples that have different issues. But what does a marriage counselor do when there are problems existing in their own marriage? This is one that every couple should watch. I know it is truly a summary and I kept it short because I do not want to tell the whole movie and believe me as good as this movie was it would be soooo easy to do.

Money Implications:

Do not become so focused on your career that you neglect your household expenses and continue to spend beyond your means.

Money Tip #1: If your spouse wants to review the household bills, make the time to talk WITH your spouse about the bills so everyone is on the same page.

Money Tip #2: Plan for your vacations and the costs involved so that you can enjoy your vacation and not have to worry about how you are going to pay bills when you return nor have a good time on the vacation because you need to save a certain amount of money for bills upon your return.


Husbands and wives do not fault each other for being a hard worker. It is great to have a strong work ethic. Yes, you should take time to stop and smell the roses. You can make any day special by taking the time to do something “special” for your mate.

This movie had a different situation that I want to comment on here. It was where the wife and husband both were working. Yet the wife commented that the husband was spending all of her money. He stated that he makes his own money. Seems as if the wife was unaware of this. Later on it gets revealed what he is doing with his money.


1) Parents become elderly and life happens Рbegin thinking solutions if a parent needed to move in with you and your spouse; or if they  needed to be placed in a senior care facility and money was needed from you to assist with monthly payments.

2) If you are sooo driven by paying bills, you can miss out on living life. Yes, you should set healthy boundaries even when it comes to finances and make sure you enjoy life at the same time.

3) The grass is not always greener on the other side. You are only seeing a part of the picture. Do not mess up your money and marriage because someone else appears to have it altogether or easier. You never know what is truly behind closed doors.

4) Establish mutual financial goals for your marriage. This way everyone’s needs are met and dreams can be accomplished.

5) Husbands and wives prior to walking down the aisle, should exchange credit reports so that both of you know what the financial issues are upfront before you say “I Do.”

6) Financial secrets revealed can have bad consequences. Be open and honest about your financial baggage and plans to clean it up.

7) For those that are faith-based, do not let people in the church judge your marriage based on outside appearance. You know who you married and what drew you to the person.

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postheadericon Marriage and Money Movie #7 – The Story of Us

How I enjoyed watching this movie again. This one I actually own and had been sitting on the shelf. Happy to make it a part of my Marriage and Money Movies database. I am a huge fan of Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Without giving to much of it away, this is a couple that met at work, got married, had some kids and was married for fifteen years when it appeared they were going to call it quits. He was the carefree, no rules type of guy. Of course she was the by the book, stick to the schedule and took care of all the problems in the marriage wife. The day came when she got tired and he felt like she turned into her mother. The kids go off to summer camp but when they pickup the kids from summer camp a big decision is made. You are going to have to watch the movie to find out what it is.

Money Implications:

No true money implications from what I could see. They lived comfortably, the kids went to summer camp and he was able to get a new place of residence without it affecting the household finances.


1) They had gotten so used to fighting that they resorted to silence. Silence became the norm in their marriage. Do not let this happen especially when it comes to money issues.

2) The problem with silence is if there are financial issues, the one dealing with the issues could make more mistakes when making all the decisions without discussing it with the spouse.

3) The daughter sensed something was wrong with the parents even though they tried to “mask” the problem. Know that kids pick up on every behavior change, non-verbal behavior parents exhibit. They are more aware than what parents give them credit for.


1) Do not forget to stop and smell the roses regardless of how busy life gets.

2) Take the time to appreciate each other for who they are as they are on the journey to becoming even the best they can be.

3) When there are children in the marriage, exhibit the type of marriage to them you would want them to have including a marriage that has financial talks.