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postheadericon Day 27 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

Book purchases came in at the end of the day yesterday. This morning’s discussion was do I mail them in a box or padded envelope. Which was more cost efficient? Also whether or not I should order more books so that I’m not caught without any books when orders come in. Hubby and I had talked about a specific promotion that I was to implement this week. I did implement it and sales began coming in from this new target. We discussed it even down to the subject line. I had two specific ones and decided it to test each with two different lists so that I could see which one was more favorable.

I decided that I would use a padded envelope for the books instead of a box. Was more cost effective and I got two at that time so I wouldn’t have to go back to the store right away. Anticipating orders and preparing ahead of time is the key. This day was light on money conversation which as you have learned prior it is not a bad thing.

Let’s talk briefly about why our money conversation is light. My husband and I came to our marriage with our eyes open, checkbooks on the table and credit cards revealing the good, bad and ugly. We faced in the beginning of our marriage what some would consider the hardest part – being in the red financially at every turn. We were not losing sleep but were definitely fed up with creditors calling and feeling as if all we were doing was paying bills. When all you are doing is paying bills it doesn’t make for a good quality of life. There are days when you seem as if you may not get ahead or even ask yourself is it worth it.

Let me assure you that money challenges only last for a brief period of time. You have to own up to what you are dealing with when it comes to money issues and put a plan in place. For those of you reading this that may say, Eric and Taffy we are so overwhelmed we don’t know where to start. Now is the time to take action and get a clear picture. We provide couples counseling via telephone for those who are not local. You may even be able to discover some answers through the posts on the blog. There are a lot of answers here.

Go to and check the posts. You can type in a key word or secure your counseling session today.