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postheadericon Another look at who pays for what

When I began focusing this week on who pays for what, I didn’t know that it would be a hot topic. Lo and behold we will be ending out this week with an article I read on that topic. Who pays for what tradition and otherwise.

I encourage brides and grooms to get done in the most economical fashion where there will be no regrets when they look back on their wedding day. This can set an interesting tone for your marriage.

postheadericon Fiance not helping to pay for wedding

Fiance is not helping pay for wedding and what should I do? Yes, it is 2010 and tradition is somewhat out the window. Why do I say tradition is somewhat out the window – that is because of what has happened with the economy and continues to happen. There are many brides whose parents are not in the position to pay for their wedding as it once was.

If the parents are not in the position to pay, now I have not ever known it to be where the fiance pays. Now, that does not mean that he should not contribute. I would imagine if the couple was older or even if it was not their first marriage, that the bride and groom would be the ones primarily paying for their wedding.

However, if it is a younger bride whose parents are paying or contributing– let me ask you this question and you think about it– what was the understanding with you and your fiance upon getting engaged about the wedding? Did you talk about who was going to pay for the wedding? How much did you envision being spent? Did you want a big or small wedding? When is the wedding date? When you can answer that question, then you decide how to proceed.

Granted this can be one of the best times to begin money communication because maybe you just misunderstood something. Maybe he did too. Now is the time to talk about financial plans for the wedding and you will see how the two of you communicate about money. Communication styles are important when it comes to money. No better time like the present to openly talk about what you both would like and then see if you can compromise and reach a vision you both agree on without regret.