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postheadericon The Price of Infidelity on Money Talk Matters Radio Show

At the beginning of this week, I talked about “The Price of Infidelity” on Money Talk Matters on GLORI radio because I felt it should be addressed. I frankly got tired of reading about this or that politician who was caught being unfaithful to their spouses.

The “Price of Infidelity” does not just affect the man and woman involved, it affects the spouse(s), children – regardless of age, extended family members, residence, employment, community and more.

The “Price of Infidelity” is not a price people can actually afford. From all the different stories I have read, in my opinion it seems people are being very short-sighted when it comes to “choosing to be unfaithful”. The ramifications of infidelity are huge, can be long-term and sometimes disastrous.

I encouraged engaged couples and those soon to be married, if you are talking about money and I strongly encourage you to do so and if you find out something that you just cannot handle to walk away now. As a groom or bride-to-be, it is important that you remain true to yourself especially in knowing what you can and cannot handle.

It is better to walk down the aisle knowing you have discussed the financial background on both sides instead of being surprised by bills when you return from the honeymoon.

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postheadericon Romance and Finance Out in the Open

Today I had the honor of being interviewed by Vernon Harleston of The High Road show on Blogtalk Radio along with Mary Chatman, President/CEO of Creations of Love. Let me share that this was so much fun it was over before we knew it.

I don’t want to give too much away but let me share something with you… Mary and I did not talk ahead of time we went on the show knowing that our messages would mesh. That is what you call passionate about what you are doing. Marriages, Romance, Money!

The listeners were saying how much this topic is needed, even now. There’s always time for Romance and Finance talk for the benefit of marriages. What we do in our marriages is mirrored by our children when they become young adults and get married.

The time literally got away from us because we were having so much fun and imparting information that Vernon invited us back to continue the conversation at a later date. Before you go, click the link and listen in…. do not hesitate to leave a comment on the blog


Listen to the interview here:

postheadericon Money and Emotions are linked?

Oooh Happy Day. This morning I was doing some reading and came across this story titled, Don’t let mere money mangle your marriage. I want to highlight several things this article shares that I’ve been saying. Oh yea, that makes me happy.

1) In the present climate, we cannot afford to be complacent about what little money we have left. My response: It is not the time to avoid talking about money but addressing it head on.

2) Shares how this couple in this article failed to even realise that what they thought was a logical decision was in fact being propelled by emotions that they weren’t consciously aware of. My response: Emotions cause you to assume, react out of whatever the pain is that you are feeling. Remember the post on Emotional Spending Part 1

3) Our attitude to money says a lot about our upbringing. Our desires, what we think we deserve, what our parents did, all play a great part in how we cope with managing finances. My response: I felt like they were reading some of my material. HaHa. This goes back to mindset which I taught about this week on GLORI radio and how it is a fixed mental attitude. That applies to money as well. Your mindset regarding money is in place based on parents, environment, etc.

If you are a married couple and want to begin addressing the financial challenges you are facing, I recommend you take the Money Talk Matters in Marriage Course that begins on June 22, 2009. During the time frame of this course from June 22, 2009 until July 20, 2009 – you have the opportunity to write me personally and get answers for your specific situation.

postheadericon SPARK sponsors Money Talk Matters weekly financial radio show on GLORI Radio

Sponsoring Money Talk Matters weekly financial show on GLORI Radio this week is Single Parent Assistance Resource and Knowledge Network (SPARK). Started by a Single/Divorced Parent to provide information for obtaining Assistance, providing Resources and sharing Knowledge with the daily challenges of parenting in the “Single” Parent Family.

This week’s show is focused on mindset and the power of speech. I commend the Founder of SPARK for being very creative and stepping out of the box. What is created here will benefit so many. Visit her at . Be sure and pass this on to any single parents you know.

postheadericon Tax Return Money and Marriage

Last night when I was being interviewed on It Just Can’t Be Me on Blogtalk radio, the host, Derek Eady asked me many questions. This morning I wanted to share one of those and how I responded. The question was when a couple receives a tax return, he has his account and she has her account what do I recommend as far as division.

What I shared with Derek was at the end of each year, we know taxes are completed anytime from January through April 15, 2009. Many couples know there are a couple of things or at least one item they wanted to purchase or some type of work they wanted done to their home. The couples should come together and mutually agree that one of those items is purchased. Then the couple take the remaining portion and divide it between them allowing the husband some splurge money and the wife some money to splurge.

Derek asked me for a specific percentage. Initially I was hesitant to give a percentage and explained that each couple knows their household financial situation. They have to be honest with themselves and agree to apply money towards a mutual item first and then divide the remainder. So it could be a 50/25/25 split or whatever they choose. Either way, the family should decide for the benefit of the household first.