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postheadericon What?? Does Marriage Make You Poorer?

I tell you what people need to stop coming up with these insane notions when it comes to marriage. I was doing my morning research before having class with the twins and came across this article – Does Marriage Make You Poorer? If you have been reading my blog for quite a while, you already know that I am not about the nonsense that continues to be spewed out when it comes to marriage, let alone Money and Marriage.

Let’s face it, marriage does not make you poorer. Furthermore, money does not do anything by itself. How people chooes to handle or mishandle money is what makes them richer or poorer. Then how their character changes because of money or a lack of money is what causes other situations in their lives and marriages.

If a husband and wife, discuss money openly on a regular basis, with mutual financial goals in mind, then their money and marriage is what they make. People need to understand money is not the only way that they can be rich, because there are a lot of MISERABLE rich people. Richness happens when there is a family that loves each other, enjoy spending time together and living life. Sure they could have financial challenges, but they discuss them and solve them together. One does not choose to throw in the towel because it is not a perfect world when it comes to finances.

Your money in marriage is what you make it. Do not let society dictate what your money in marriage is supposed to be today. Do not surround yourself with people that are jealous of your marriage and are telling you things to bring you into their world of misery. Take a stand for your marriage today like you never have before. Begin talking and making mutual financial goals in the present. It is a new chance to make better financial decisions.

postheadericon Couples asking Friends to Foot the Wedding Bill

I was pleasantly surprised when I began to read this story that was in the Altanta Journal Constitution titled Couples plan wedding asks guests to foot the bill. Sure, I have heard of money trees and dollar dances, but to ask the guest to help pay for the wedding wow what a tone that sets for the marriage.

Brides and Grooms you must ask yourself what is more important the wedding day or your marriage? The wedding is just one day the marriage is supposed to be for a lifetime. For an older couple getting married, personally I would recommend going to the Justice of the Peace and then maybe having a reception and inviting friends to celebrate there. But this idea that you have to have a dream wedding that you cannot afford, PUH LEASE.

Even if it is a younger couple that is paying for their own wedding, same thing I would say go to the Justice of the Peace. You do not have to let society dictate your wedding.

If you cannot afford to have a big wedding from the outset, then do a wedding later on your five year anniversary. As a money and marriage advocate there are several things I want to point out that a couple should not want: 1) starting out the marriage with wedding debt; 2) have wedding bills that out last the marriage and 3) living beyong your means from the wedding day which can set the tone for financial frustration throughout the marriage.

Remember three out of four married couples are arguing about money. You do not have to be part of that statistic. The important thing in MARRIAGE is the COMMITMENT you make to each other, not the size of the party.


postheadericon Marriage and Money Movie #6 – My Best Friend’s Wedding

Best friends that have not seen each other in a couple of years. The guy contacts the girl to share that he is getting married the upcoming weekend and wants her there. He does not feel as if he can go through it without her. She arrives with the intention of breaking it up because she loves him and has for 9 yrs. Over the next few days, she does everything she can to split them up and it does not work by any means. At the end of the day, she cannot break them up because she turns out (bride-to-be) to be the perfect woman.

Money Implication: His bride-to-be is the daughter of a billionaire baseball team owner. He is a freelance sports writer. One would think this would affect the relationship. The groom’s best friend does try to use this to her advantage as one of the tools to break up their relationship. Yet his bride-to-be pulls it off the table.

Money Tip #1: Do not let money be the driving factor to your walking down the aisle. Marry for love and not money.

Money Tip #2: In my opinion if you have a pre-nup it says you are planning for the divorce before you say “I Do.” Love is a choice and not an emotion.

Money Tip #3: Do not let society dictate your wedding or marriage. You know what is true and right in your heart.

Caution: All of your friends might not be happy about your upcoming wedding. However, be realistic and make a wise decision. The heart does not lie.

Second Caution: Do not settle for less than you deserve because all of your friends are married. Take your time because the right person will come along.

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