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postheadericon Son’s Fiance wants his Family to Contribute to Wedding

I was up and finishing up several posts for this week and discovered this post someone wrote in to a column – Couple’s son wants him to pay for the wedding The bride to be’s family is not in a position to help them, so they are coming to his family. Didn’t give a specific number but said how much can you help.

I am imagining this is happening with many couples right now. One of the statements made by the columnist was that since this family has a daughter also that would probably like some help when she gets married is to give them both – the son and daughter an equal amount of cash. I like that because that will not cause them to go into debt for a wedding, yet do what they can afford and no one feels slighted.

I also like that she said ensure they know it is a wedding gift and they can use it how they choose. I tell you this, I think many couples would be receptive of that because then they could use the money how they see fit. That probably would alleviate some brides asking for money to contribute towards the wedding or as gifts to help them pay for other things.

What do you think?