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postheadericon Denise returns from Africa MARRIED!

If you are like me, you love those Cosby shows where the characters did the unexpected. Since last week we talked about Vanessa and Dabnis, I thought this week we could talk about Denise and Martin, because that was another doozy when I saw it for the first time.

Remember, Denise went to Africa to get it together and do for others. She didn’t want to be in college and the parents agreed to send her. She returns a week early and the parents are surprised. They are glad to see her and have plans for her to return to college but….. Take a look:

postheadericon With This Ring – Questions

Part 2 – To With This Ring.. I love it because immediately the questions from Claire and Cliff are being asked – what do we know about him.. Does he have his own apartment? Does he live alone? Claire asks Cliff what do you know?

What do you think would happen if parents asked questions of the fiance such as – Do you have any debt? What is your income? How long have you been working at your job? If you have a financial emergency, what is your method to solving it.

Watch this next part about With This Ring:

If your parents asked your fiance about his bills? His Debt? Would you still be with them. Weigh in!

postheadericon With This Ring – Presentation

I was thinking back to all those times when I watched The Cosby show and the episodes of Vanessa going to college and being engaged came to mind. Vanessa comes back from buying the bread and says she’s engaged! Take a look at this first episode:

How you share about your engagement to family and friends, sends a message. I remember too hearing from a friend about one of her friends being engaged and none of the friends liked it. Like my mother has always said, “Everybody cannot be wrong”.