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postheadericon Day 6 of Money and Marriage Talk with Eric and Taffy

I must admit today was pretty quiet on the money and marriage talk with the husband. Those days do happen and it is all good. Working our plan and moving forward. A discussion I did have was with our nine year old twins and we talked about the difference in meal planning and eating out due to a lack of planning what the difference was when it came to money. They were having loads of fun helping me plan the meals for the week – breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert. It is sooo cool being able to share these lessons with them early and they know the difference. They easily took me to eating healthy versus unhealthy. “Out of the mouth of babes right”!

We believe in providing them with money lessons while they are not already preset in their ways! OOOh, I know someone knows what I am talking about. It is hard to get adults to change to a better way even if the way they have been doing something for years and years is detrimental to their finances.

Today there was not spending of any money by me or my husband. Love it! Can you go a day without spending ANY money? Seriously that means no vending machines, breakfast coffees or smoothies, etc! I personally consider that an accomplishment…. oh wait a minute… I did have to stop and get gas! Seee, blew it. So let’s see if I can pass that challenge tomorrow!

Be sure and join us tomorrow for Day 7 which I am sure will be full of money and marriage talk. Go back and read the previous days and leave your comments.

Money and Marriage Lesson for Today:

1) Appreciate the days when all is quiet.

2) Look at the days when you are having discussions as an opportunity for growth.

3) Don’t look for negative things to happen!

Money and Marriage Encouragement for Today: We are comfortable with who we are and our financial goals for our marriage.