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postheadericon More Lessons from Legally Blonde

Once Elle is accepted into Harvard and she is sooo looking the part, she gets snubbed by many people due to her being “blonde”. Lo and behold in her first class, she is unprepared and the character Vivian Kenzington agrees with the instructor to kick her out. Didn’t see this coming but Vivian ends up being Warner’s fiance. Elle is sickened.

Of course the cat claws come out as soon as Vivian realizes that Warner knows Elle. At the end of the day, Warner still does not approve of Elle and thinks she is out of place at Harvard, which in turn makes her fight for her law school education.

Lesson: Brides and Grooms – be true to yourself and do not get caught up in the approval of other people or you will be setting yourself up for heartache.

The lessons in this movie did not have to do with money but instead focused more on self-esteem, relationships and knowing your mate. It is always good to have your self-esteem in check and be comfortable with who you are. Love yourself so that you can in turn love others.