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postheadericon VH1 Show – Wedding Wars

I was doing some research which is one of my favorite things to do and I discovered that VH1 is doing several new reality shows. One is titled Wedding Wars which is engaged couples competing for a dream wedding. No word yet on when it will be airing, just know that it is coming.

I would say to those engaged couples out there, don’t let television define how you handle your wedding let alone your marriage. You are entering into a covenant with someone you love and life will change and so will both of you. Give each other the opportunity to become all that you can be (No, you are not entering into the military). Let’s be real, you won’t stay that same age.. you gain wisdom as you get older. I know wisdom is a great thing.

Engaged couples think about how you want your wedding to go and then think about what you would like to see happen throughout your marriage and begin communicating about it now.